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#1 |Marvel at the Northern Lights in Iceland - MarkTonge

#1 |Marvel at the Northern Lights in Iceland

The Northern Lights.
Photo by Vincent Guth on Unsplash


This entry is going to come as no surprise to anyone who’s reading it. It’s pretty much become a staple of any travel bucket list and will make an entry on pretty much everyones list. Iceland saw a rise in popularity a couple of years ago and has since become the go to, hip destination for most age ranges. I put it down to a couple of reasons:

1: The stunning natural beauty. You can’t argue with this one, Iceland is one of the worlds most naturally beautiful countries. It only takes a couple of searches on Google and BAM, you want to pack your bags and catch the next flight out to Reykjavik.

2. It’s a perfect stopover for travel further afield to America. A lot of people decide to use it as a stopover for a few days when flying to America. It splits up the flight time and allows you to see more than one country in one trip.

The Northern Lights.
Photo by Lightscape on Unsplash


The Northern Lights are also known as the ‘Aurora Borealis’. They are a collisions between electrically charge particles from the sun that enter the Earths atmosphere. That’s about as Scientific as I’m going to get, and I’m pretty impressed I managed to do that well. In simple terms, they are dancing lights that appear in the sky in a variety of different colours: most commonly pale green and pink. It’s been said that the best place to view them is in Iceland, because matched with the stunning scenery they are a spectacle to behold. This is why they have marvelled people for years and are instantly a go to for a bucket list.


Well, why wouldn’t I? I’ll explain in a bit more detail. As an aspiring film-maker, I see videos of the natural phenomenon posted online weekly and it gets my creative juices flowing. I want to capture them in both video format and also snap a stunning photo. Whether I have the ability to do that is another question but I’d love to give it a go. Hopefully I’ll be able to share a video with you when I manage to check it off my list.

Another reason that I’d love to see the Aurora Borealis, is the fact that I can explore a new country. This potentially ticks off another couple of items on my bucket list whilst doing so. There are a number of places to see the Northern Lights, but Iceland is apparently the best place to do so. There is a rumour that it needs to be cold to see them. This would suit me, as I prefer the cold weather) which isn’t true, it just needs to be dark.

I’ll be posting another entry on my bucket list in the future about Iceland, so make sure you subscribe to my blog to be updated with that one.

There is one more reason that I’d like to see this magnificent spectacle. The fact that they are always different makes it intriguing to me. I like the fact that no-one will have the same experience as me. It will be special to me and it’s kind of like I’ve had my own unique show. Isn’t that cool? I think so anyway.


I think so, one day at-least. Flights to Iceland have seen an increase in price, but are still affordable. Flights are direct from Manchester (closest Airport to me). AirBnB’s are often the best bet for cheaper accommodation and can often be the most charming options. I’d like somewhere like a cabin in the countryside, with a hot tub and a roaring fire. Nothing can beat a cozy night in front of a fire or enjoying a glass of Red in a hot tub marvelling at the scenery around.


If anyone has seen the Northern Lights and can share some tips with me then I’ll be eternally grateful. I’m looking at the best ways to see them, places to stay, flights. In fact, everything and anything you’ve got would be fine. Leave a message below or get in touch on social media.


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