5 things to expect when working at Summer Camp [SCS]


I’m sure you found your way to this post because you’re;

A) Going to work at a Summer Camp this summer. 


B) Thinking about working at a Summer Camp.

Either way, you’re in the right place. Back in the summer of 2013 I travelled to the sun drenched state of California to work at a summer camp called Ojai Valley. Before hand I was frantically searching the internet looking for tips, tricks and hints for how to enjoy camp to the max and I found there to be little or no information out there, which has led me to start this new series of mine: Summer Camp Session. Each new blog post will contain different information about Summer Camp. This one is all about…


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Of course there are lots of different thins to expect when working at summer camp, but I’ve narrowed my list down to the top 5 things. I guess it’s time to start then…


Now, when I say long hours, I mean long hours. Expect to work from sunrise to sunset. Remember you are there to make sure the campers have a summer of a lifetime, (as well as yourself of course) and this requires around the clock attention. You’ll likely be waking up around 6:00am to make sure you are up and ready for the morning wake up rituals, (These can be fun, but I’ll get back to those in a later post) breakfast and then onto the rest of your day. You’ll likely have a few hours off at some point in the day but the rest of the time you’ll be on the clock. My tip would be to take your rest when you can, believe me, you’ll need it. 


both campers and staff members. You’ll be working and living with you’re fellow staff members for a long period of time, and you’ll see them all day, everyday. Now if you’re someone who likes your own personal space without any interruptions, then camp may provide a challenge for you but it’s not the end of the world, just use your breaks and days off wisely and you can take your own time to recharge your batteries. The fact that you are working with these people everyday means you will grow a bond that stays with you for life. I still talk to some of my fellow counsellors on a weekly basis and we all stay in touch when we can. The experiences that you share with them will stay with you and it’s something you can never forget or undo. A lot of people who don’t participate in Summer Camp may not understand this, but you soon will…

Team 2013 at Ojai Valley Summer Camp


If you don’t like making a fool of yourself, then turn around and hide for this section. Campers look to you counsellors for entertainment and instruction. If you need to make a point by dancing around with a funny wig on and some oversized glasses, then you don that wig and sunglasses combo and you rock it! Believe me, you’ll be more embarrassed by the fact that you didn’t do it, than if you do. Don’t be the person at the back of ‘ALL CAMP’ who doesn’t sing and dance, but embrace it and be confident. You’ll make people laugh and gain their respect by doing so. (These camp songs will stay with you forever, its kind of a burden in a good way.) Some of my favourite moment at camp, we also the most embarrassing (Again, I’ll touch upon them in a later post.)

(I’ll just leave this post of my entry in the staff diving competition right here)


Camp is full of different opportunities, and these opportunities come when you least expect it. The amount of activities you can try is ridiculous. I mean, at my camp we had activities ranging from: woodwork, to camping, to film production and more. I’d say you should try these things when you can. If you don’t think you’d enjoy it, then give it a go anyway, you may surprise yourself. What’s the worst that could happen; if you don’t like it, pick yourself up, dust yourself down and tomorrow is a new day. It’s not just activities that you will get to experience, but new foods, drinks and cultures. My camp had lots of different kids from different countries ranging from: Japan, China, Russia, Taiwan, USA, and Korea. Embrace new things and you’ll get a lot more out of your camp experience.


Now I know this sounds cliche, but it’s true. You’ll do things you won’t be able to do at home. You’ll create friendships that will last a lifetime. You’ll find when you get home, you’ll do something you experienced at camp and your friends will look at you with a weird expression and you’ll realise they haven’t done Summer Camp. What more could you want out of a summer? SUN, FRIENDSHIPS, and new EXPERIENCES. Embrace it and live each day as it’s own day. You’ll have the Summer of a lifetime.

Have you been to Summer Camp? Let me know you’re own experiences below or on social media.

If you haven’t been and are thinking about going, what other tips and hint would you like to know?

‘Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose’




  1. Craig
    July 7, 2016 / 4:06 am

    Great read. Don’t’ forget homesickness or how great your boss might be. Hope you are doing well.

    • Mark
      July 7, 2016 / 6:31 am

      Thanks Craig, glad you enjoyed it. I’m touching upon both in another post 🙂 hope to see you in Ojai later this year!

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