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ABOUT - MarkTonge


Since you’ve come to this page, I take it that you want to know a little bit more about the blog and the author right? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s get straight into it then…


‘A Bucketlist Bro’ is a brand new travel blog that I (Mark) have created in order to share the items that appear on my bucketlist with you all. I decided that instead of keeping them all to myself and just written on a notepad somewhere, it would be easier to have a place to write about them in details with a bit more background information on why they have earned a place on my list. I also hope that it will give a few hints and tips and some inspiration for those who are looking for it.

In the beginning, I aim to post once a week with a new entry onto my bucketlist. If I get the urge, I may upload a second post but for now I will be posting the one update per week. For more from myself, you can follow me on social media where I’ll be posting other little bits and bobs that I think you’ll enjoy.

Twitter: @bucket_bro