Barcelona: An Architectural Dream (Day 2)

Day 2: An Architectural Dream.

We woke to a typical sunny day in Barcelona and decided to get our sightseeing done. The first hotspot on our list was ‘La Sagrada Familia’ which is arguably Barcelona most famous landmark. This huge cathedral was absolutely stunning although it’s still not finished yet. It’s still being constructed after work started in 1882 and it’s not scheduled to be completed until 2026. The size and scale of it is something to behold and we just stood in complete awe of the masterpiece for a good 20 minutes. Dave also became a professional photographer for many a tourist. (what can I say, he’s just that good at taking photos). We decided not to pay the entry price as it’s just that little bit too expensive and we had plenty of other places to tick off our list before the end of the day. Believe me the outside is definitely enough to appreciate it.


From there we had two choices:

  1. Get the sightseeing bus up to ‘Parc Guell’
  2. Walk up the hill to ‘Parc Guell’

Deciding to be healthy and to enjoy the wonderful weather we started the 25 minute walk upwards towards Guadis’ famous park situated at the top of Barcelona. I was really excited to visit this place and it was at the top of my list before we came to Barcelona. I was disappointed though when we got there. It’s simply too touristy for my liking with many a market trader trying to sell all the usual tat on offer. We enjoyed our stroll around the park however taking in the architecture on offer and admiring Guadis work (He really is a genius in the Architectural world). The main area that you’ll know from the photos is only accessible to paying customers which again we didn’t opt for. You can appreciate it from afar which we chose to do.


A quick walk down the hill and towards the Sagrada Familia again where we settled to have a quick yet expensive sandwich and a drink. There is something about having a bite to eat and facing one of the most famous iconic landmarks in the world today. Whilst walking to our next destination we stumbled upon one of my favourite areas of Barcelona. Parc De La Ciutadella: an amazingly beautiful park situated next to the zoo and near the Arc Di Tromf. Inside the park is an amazing fountain that just personifies peace and tranqulity. We spent a good 30 minutes just wandering around it and taking it all in. A definite place to visit for all of you who are off to Barcelona.


It was then onto the famous La Ramblas which is a huge 1.2km street full of shops and restaurants and is the tourist hub of Barcelona. This was the area that I was scared to visit due to the pickpocketing. I’ve got to say though, if you don’t like the tat that is usually sold in touristy areas then you can avoid this area completely.

The only reason we went was to visit ‘La Boqueria’ which is a huge market in the middle of the La Ramblas. You can pick up a fresh fruit smoothie which are sold in abundance or maybe try some local freshly caught seafood. It’s either that or cheese and meat. Failing that you’re out of luck as that’s all that is really sold in this market. It’s visually stunning to walk around though so well worth a visit.


After this market a drink was in order so we hit up the very Spanish ‘Hard Rock Cafe’. Situated at the top of Las Ramblas, we enjoyed a very expensive cocktail or two before heading back to the apartment for a quick siesta before heading for¬†dinner. We had decided beforehand to hit the Irish Bar up by the old town to watch the England vs Slovenia game that was on so we chose a tapas bar right next door. This one surpassed our fist experience of tapas and the calamari here was amazing (Probably the best calamari I’ve ever sampled). Accompanied by a cheeky red wine or two as well to get us ready for the football.¬†Unfortunately football didn’t go so well, so we turned to the drink of the devil. TEQUILA. The rest of the night remains a series of blurry moments but it included many a Gin and Tonic. Somehow we managed to scramble back to the apartment, a proud moment considering I don’t know the city that well. There ends day 2.


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