Barcelona: Tapas & Estrellas (Day 1)

Earlier this year I teamed up with my friend Dave and decided upon a city to make the destination for our little break in October. After going back and forth between Barcelona and Budapest we eventually decided upon Barcelona for a couple of reasons:

  1. It’s a shorter flight therefore a cheaper one.
    2) It’s home to the Camp Nou (Home of Barcelona F.C)

I read about city breaks to Barcelona online for a few weeks beforehand and there was one common theme: PICKPOCKET PARADISE and this freaked me out a little. I thought that I would be walking around and someone would come up to me and grab all my stuff and I’d be left with empty pockets for the remainder of the trip…let me reassure you all, that if you’re sensible (don’t leave anything in back pockets or on tables) then you’ll be fine and you’ll have an amazing time in a beautiful city.


Day 1

A short 2 hour flight later and we were in Barcelona. We decided upon a taxi to our apartment that we rented from AirBnB which you can view here: (I’d always recommend AirBnB as it’s fraction of the cost of a hotel and you usually get that real local experience and atmosphere.) It was mid afternoon when we arrived and we were pretty hungry and set about on a mission to find some dinner and also to explore our local neighbourhood. This is where we failed. Apparently in Spain they have a thing called a Siesta where all businesses close and their owners and staff members go home which left us with nowhere to eat. We could see loads of potential places around our neighbourhood once they were all open but they weren’t.

The good thing about Barcelona is that the streets are all pretty much straight so you can’t really get lost which helps when you’re stumbling home not really knowing where you’re going.

Eventually we stumbled across a little tapas bar down one of Barcelonas’ many a side street and we immediately sat down and ordered a couple of plates to share (Patatas Bravas, Jamon and Squid Ink Rice Balls). You just can’t beat tasting a few local delicacies and chatting over a few Estrellas (Barcelonas’ local beer). On the way to this place we managed to find our first landmark: ‘The Arc Di Triomf; (Yes, Barcelona has one to) and we were in awe of the it. A little hidden gem in the middle of Barcelona with beautiful gardens surrounding it and a huge long pathway leading up to it where locals seemed to meet up and smoke weed. (due to the smell)

Arc Di Triomf in Barcelona

Arc Di Triomf (Barcelona Style)

img_0065Feeling content with life we then decided to move on full of food and searching for drinks in typical British style. I had read about this bar online a few days before called ‘El Bosc De Las Fades’ which is also known as the ‘Fairy Bar’. Now it doesn’t sound all that much from just it’s name but once you manage to find it you’ll understand why it attracted me to it. Situated down a side street off Las Ramblas immediately your transported into an inside forest with waterfalls, trees and kind of creepy dolls situated around it.

A few JB (not JD) and cokes later, we were enjoying our night in the city but all nights have to come to an end. It had been a long one for us. We headed back to the apartment via a walk round the port which is beautiful at night. You can see all the boats that you dream of owning one day bobbing up and down in the waters. Eventually though we made it to our apartment in Eixample and crashed out ready for our day of exploring Barcelona.IMG_2116

Bosc De Les Fades in Barcelona

The Fairy Bar

Fairy Bar in Barcelona

Dave enjoying a drink in the ‘Fairy Bar’

TAPAS, BEER and FAIRY BARS, what could be better?

Who’s Ready for DAY 2?




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