Barcelona: The Nou Camp (Day 3)

DAY 3:

Not knowing what time we got in from our impromptu night out in Barcelona, I awoke with a heavy head. The rain was absolutely hammering it down outside which didn’t make things any better. Luckily we had ticked off most of our to do list the previous day in regards to tourist hotspots. The only thing on todays agenda was the one I was looking forward to the most. THE NOU CAMP!

Before we had left for Barcelona we had read which was the best way to get there and every response was the metro. I don’t usually have a good relationship with metros but this one was a piece of cake. Despite feeling partially hungover and the temperature on the tube reaching Sahara level we made it to our destination in one piece.

*Top Tip: Don’t present the wrong ticket to the ticket security guy as they don’t like this. I found out the hard way when security started enclosing me until I found the right ticket for him.

I’d visited the Nou Camp once before, when I went on my high schools annual Football & Hockey tour which of course that year was in Barcelona. I couldn’t remember much from that trip so I was excited to get back to the famous stadium again. The first part of the tour is the trophy room which is as impressive as a clubs trophy room can be. You’ve got all the league titles they’ve won. The champions league trophies are all there. Even their beloved saint Messi’s Ballon D’or and Golden Boots are there in al their glory. Being a Northwich Victoria (they’re a team, believe me) it’s probably the closest I’m ever getting to those famous piece of silverware.

Barcelona Trophies

From here we moved onto the best bit about the tour. The moment when you get to walk out into the actual stadium. Standing there it kind of just takes your breath away. Its one of the most beautiful football stadiums in the world. I’d love to one day go and watch a match there (preferably El Clasico but thats a long way off). We spent a good 45 minutes just sitting in the stands taking it all in. Can I just say that the number of selfie sticks in this world is ridiculous.

Funniest moment goes to the group of Taiwanese fans trying to make it look like they were at a game on FaceTime by getting everyone to cheer behind them like Barcelona had just scored!

 Moving inside the tour continues to the press room. Not going to lie I’ve seen it on television and it looks exactly the same (not sure why I thought it wouldn’t) so we moved past all the people taking photos of them pretending to do a media conference. The changing rooms were next and here is where I got disappointed. I wanted to desperately see into the home dressing room but all you get is the away one. Basically it’s a dressing room we’ve all been in before, but with the addition of a pretty big hot tub. Outstanding eh? However this did lead onto one of the better moments. It’s every football fans dream to walk down the tunnel at the Nou Camp pretending your a player and I did this will complete professionalism. I could have been a  player for all everyone else knew (apart from the fact that I’m still banned from playing for a month and my lack of talent). The view onto the pitch is incredible and I can’t help to wonder what the players would be thinking when they are there for their first time.

Top Tip: To the side of the tunnel is a little chapel where the Christian players can pray before the game. It’s only small so make sure you keep your eyes open.

After the tour we didn’t really have any plans but we know we wanted to get food and an early night because we had an early flight the next morning. Unfortunately the heavens continue to spill and I mean empty. Barcelona was having a tremendous thunderstorm and I didn’t fancy walking anywhere far. Dave had other plans though and we ended up walking a good mile or two to find a restaurant that night. It was a quaint Argentinian restaurant located near the old town again. I opted for the Argentinian steak after having a toss up between that and the Ravioli. Dave opted for the latter and I wish I had too. My steak was as fatty as a steak could be (maybe thats the style) and it wasn’t too my taste. I still wasn’t feeling too well so I stayed off the alcohol and on the pepsi instead which proved to be a good move. I’d still recommend this place to other people so if you’re ever in the area call in at ‘Restaurant Argenti El Foro‘ and go for the Ravioli.

It was back to the apartment after that for a catch up on ‘Westworld’ and then to bed. I don’t really do early mornings that well so I needed all the sleep that I could.


Let me know if you are heading to Barcelona in the future and I’ll try and help you out with some useful tips and hints. (definitely have Estrella)


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