[TV Review] Queer Eye

The Basic

Queer Eye is back! Now I didn’t watch the original series but this reincarnation has hit the limelight and is now showing on Netflix. Once again I pretty much binge watched the whole series over a weekend which shows how much I enjoyed it.

For those of you that don’t know, Queer Eye follows the same format as it’s predecessor where there is a guy who needs some help improving his life. The Fab 5 (Jonathan, Antoni, Karamo, Tan and Bobby) come into his life, and a week later, his life has improved. Each of the Fab 5 has their own area of expertise: Jonathan takes care of grooming, Tan is in charge of clothing, Karamo battles culture, Bobby remodels the house and Antoni is the food guru.

These 5 are full of life, character and heart. They have just the right amount of sass to complement their personalities and its infectious. You automatically feel happier after watching the show. I’d kind of like my own group of people to keep me on track, and look out for me in everything I do. It’s not so much of a ‘Gay Best Friend’ vibe as I think that is in the past, but more of a group of close knitted friendships out to help someone.

The Heart

What makes this series so enjoyable is the fact that the Fab 5 are instantly loveable, but not only that, you get to know them on a deeper level. The series focuses on each of them and their struggles in their past, and how they overcame them. One particular favourite is the relationship that Karamo builds up with Cory (Episode 3 ‘contestant’) and they discuss the issues Karamo faced like Black Lives Matter and Police Brutality against African Americans (Cory is a police officer). The two agreed that if more conversations were had they could find common ground and bridge the divisions.

I’m a sucker for a home redevelopment show, and one part of the makeover is within the home. When you first see the homes of some of the men you’ll quickly see why they need the help. Bobby is a genius when it comes to designing a space that is perfect for the man in question. (Granted, I think he gets a lot of help from a design team) He tries to stick to what is important to each man and will always make it practical for the man in question. It’s also nice to see the reaction they receive when they show off the new apartment/house.

It’s a hearty portion of a group of people trying to improve the life of another, their common interests, their upbringings and most of all it’s just heartwarming to watch.





Have you watched Queer Eye? Let me know what you think of it and which one is your favourite episode in the comments below!




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