Why You Should Apply to Work at an American Summer Camp Next Summer

So it’s not surprising that I’m writing about Summer Camp AGAIN as it’s one of those experiences that really does shape your life. I’m here this time to try and persuade YOU to apply to work at a Summer Camp next year. It’s the people that you meet that shape your camp experience and it provides a certain bond that only fellow camp staff will understand. Camp is one of those places that has a huge impact on your life afterwards so here are my reasons why you should be applying right now.


You get to spend the whole summer outside – Yes, it’s a huge plus point, whats better than spending your days in the sunshine having the time of your life in a beautiful setting?

You get to meet people from all over the world – Camp is an amazing way to make friends from all over the globe. I’ve now got friends from America, Australia, Japan, China, Russia and Canada to name a few.

You get to act like a kid for the Summer – What a way to live eh? Re-living your childhood every single day, need I say more?


You get to eat American food – When you get fed up of the Camp Salad and the Sloppy Joes that seem to pop up every day at Camp, you can venture out and try all that famous American fast food you’ve always wanted to. IT’S AMAZING!

You get to put it on your CV – It will look amazing on your CV. Think about it, you learn a lot through the experiences of camp: Looking after children, being part of a team and also being a strong leader.

You get to learn new skills – At camp there are numerous activities being taught, and you will get to try your hands at them all in your spare time. I managed to get through Archery, Martial Arts, Woodwork, Drama, Robotics, and many more during my time at camp.


You get time to travel after camp – This was one of the main reasons I applied. I had always wanted to travel America and camp gave me the travel companions I wanted as well. We travelled around California for a few weeks after camp and it was amazing. The opportunities are endless…

You make friends for life – Seriously, you spend every day with these people for around 2 months. You will get on with them and you will become your own little camp family. It’s an intense relationship but its one that lasts forever and only fellow camp staff will understand them.

You can afford it – Remember, you get paid to work at camp so most probably you will at least break even. It does costs to partake in these programs but if you’re getting paid, there really is no reason not too.




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